Installation 2021
29.01.21 - 07.03.21, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn & Taxis, Bregenz
Soil Bags, Neon Light Sign + Wooden Box, Light Box w. C-Print

The installation adresses a precarious identity and its positioning oscillating between the systems of alpine agriculture and visual art. The processed soil was already used in the previous exhibition nationality is lost, homeland is lethal, where to land. The masculine appearing of carrying on and on a big weight as an interplay of subject, material and environment, generated the remaining parts of the installation in the form of the neon sign HURT WILL GO and the light box DRAGQUEEN. In the installation Weithas turns towards the spectator questioning enforced ideals of his masculinity as a result of living the controversy of these systems.

Neon sign HURT WILL GO & Soil bags PEAK, January 2021 / Lukas Weith

Light box DRAGQUEEN, January 2021 / Lukas Weithas

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