If the devil is six then god is seven or liara

Installation 2021
14.05.21 - 27.06.21, Mitgliederaustellung, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn & Taxis, Bregenz, AUT
Brass, Metal, Plexi-glas, E-Motor, LED-Lights

The artwork 'if the devil is six then god is seven or liara' uses a quote from the pixies song 'monkey gone to heaven' in the form of a lightbox installation. A manufactured cross made of brass turns clockwise with 2,5 revolutions per minute. At 2 places there are interruptions of the rotation, short irritations, pauses, which add a third value to the expectability of this so obvious dialectic between good and evil. The interruption was caused by a playing child's hand, which stopped the rotation for a short time.

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