01.05.19 - 30.09.19
Installation, Hinterland Galerie, Vienna
w/ dairy staff (Lukas Weithas, Lucas Schmid, Sebastian von der Thannen)

Cowless is an installation and infrastructure which was designed and built in the framework of the "Krongarten", a project of Hinterland Galerie. Erery year, different artists design an infrastructure on the parking lots next to the the pavement spot. The process from milking a cow to making cheese was critically discussed in the frame of the work and implemented in this year's infrastructure and installation. The alienation of individual artefacts from a milk and cheese production process playfully counteracts the alienation of the urban from rural production processes. The environment of the Krongarten consists out of milking stools that have become seats, cheese boards that serve as a table and a synthetic milk machin

Video / Lukas Weithas

Installation View / Jakob Lindner, Lukas Weithas