12.04.20 - 28.05.20, DWDS (Die Wiedergeburt des Schaufensters), Jahnstraße 13-15, 6900 Bregenz w/ dairy staff

The exhibition is based on founding ideas of the exhibition space DWDS. It is an ambitious initiative to question a new use of space and spatial quality in Bregenz. As part a commercial area for a specific purpose a low-threshold accessible place was created without compulsion to consume - a possibility of  artistic expression and critical discourse. 

"Bregenz ist tot." as a metaphorical statement, has been part of conversations in, around and about Bregenz for several years. It is not clearly addressed and is an atmospheric designation and description. The installations "Bregenz ist nicht tot 1" and "Bregenz ist nicht tot 2" are markings of a continuous and moving return of a content-empty, undescribed medium; they symbolically show the return of nothing. this nothing becomes a factual something: an atmosphere of the inertia of movement. time produces consequences in the installation's own medium in a constantly changing dynamic form. Its expression cannot be traced back to an inner reduce logic and what happens and is depicted. Meaning and sense only arise in a certain environment and its specific context. the works are paradoxes and (anti-) statements of moving standstill. Free spaces for progressive and courageous discourses are their surroundings. These spaces are content and living environment at the same time. (dairy staff)

Bregenz ist nicht tot 1+2, sound-installations, mixed media, March-June 2020 / Sarah Mistura

dairy staff is an interdisciplinary art-collective, founded 2019 in vienna by the lucas schmid, sebastian von der thannen and lukas weithas. Their work is characterized by a site-specific reference, conceptual as well as cross-media character. They combine the topics of design, technology and art with socio-critical reflection.